Who said that Introverts can’t sell?

Shy puppy demonstrating introvert and sell

I believe that introverts sell as well as anyone else.

You may have seen me on LinkedIn vlogs or YouTube discussing the principles of selling. One thing that you may not know about me is that I am actually quite a shy person. I am an introvert. I learned to sell and am still learning.

Like many introverts, sharing vlogs for the world to see is extremely daunting. I knew I have to overcome my fear. There is an inner drive within me to help others who are interested in selling. The end game is to help people to build the confidence they need in order for them to sell.

It may be a surprise for some to learn this. A lot of coaches I know also said that they are also introverts. A third of people on earth apparently are introverts (Susan Cain, Ted Talk). It takes an enormous amount of energy every time they are promoting in public. There is always this thing at the back of our heads; shyness and fear of rejections.

Introverts like myself learn to adapt. I have been selling as a sales rep and coaching others as a sales manager for a long time. Getting out of my comfort zone constantly. I learned to be disciplined and consistent in the way I convey my message about selling.

At Awake By Five AM, my vision is to reduce the negative perception people has about selling and convince other sales reps from being jerks.

Being an introvert should never be viewed as a disadvantage. As a general view, it can often work in your favor the fact that you are an introvert. You just need to learn basic sales principles.

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5 Replies to “Who said that Introverts can’t sell?”

  1. Grwat sharing. I do consider myself as an introvert person which is different from beein shy for me 🙂
    I deeply agree when you mention that listening and understanding is a basic quality for introvert peeps.
    During an interview, the hiring manager ask my how I do negotiate contracts with my customer maybe trice. I told him, preparing negotiation is like preparing interview. The sole difference is that during interview you are the product but while negotiating or selling you are the interface, your best weapon is your capability to listen and understand what your listening. Customer knows he got the power and you know what you are selling, let your customer express its worries and so on, you argument has all the chance to be better after this.
    He did not agree with me 🙂 but, it still make sense for me and when I read yours words, it comes naturally to introverts.
    Hope read more form you.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Martin, your message is correct. You are always selling your brand ie. you in any situation. If that interviewer did not appreciate your wisdom, someone else will instead. Thanks for contributing.

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