Sales Training courses

Sales Technique training

Woman receiving sales training from a sales trainer

ALIIGN Sales call method

Awake By Five AM teaches a consultative ALIIGN sales technique in the training. It is the foundation assist the sales representative to understand the customer’s needs and issues professionally and ethically as the main focus.

The ALIIGN sales technique respects are trainee’s individualism so that it sounds natural and genuine. It is designed for face to face and phone selling.

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Sales Coaching

A man listening to another man in the office as part of sales coaching

Sales coaching is only available to people who have completed the ALIIGN sales training prior.

The purpose of sales coaching to reinforce the ALIIGN sales technique and answer any questions the trainee may have to improve their skills.

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Sales Process Consultation

A consultant is analysing an area in the sales process to a business owner

How to build a successful sales team? Whether you are an entrepreneur who is planning to scale or a small to medium business owner who is struggling with this, it is more than just the sales technique.

Consistent sales growth comes from a good sales process that is easy to use, effective, measurable and transparent.

Awake By Five AM can assist you in building a great sales process with their proven strategies.

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Sales Management Consultation

A manager in the office doing sales management

Sales manager needs to be trained. Now your sales team are your customers. There is a new set of skills that you need to be able to lead and manage.

Awake By Five AM can assist you regarding what it takes to be a sales manager with the intent to create a successful sales team. This consultation often goes hand in hand with the sales process consultation.

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Time Management

Time management is key to success.

With so much to be done in a single day, it is so difficult to have time to think. If you are overly busy and could not complete the tasks that you set out to do, perhaps you need to look into it.

Do you know what it means to priority your tasks? Let Awake By Five AM assist in finding that productivity zone for you.

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Remote training

Using a MacBook to perform sales training remotely

Awake By Five AM also provides remote training using a number of platforms such as Zoom, Teamviewer, Facetime or Skype. Internet speed is often the limiting factor.

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