Sell yourself first before selling anything else

Sell yourself first before selling anything else

Selling yourself is a more ideal way of selling

Think about your last sales call. Did you sell your products and services first? Or did you sell yourself first? Depending on what you did at the start of the sales call, will determine how well you go.

“Raise your hands if you like sales reps”

Let’s be honest here. Not many people like sales reps.

They are viewed as pushy, aggressive, manipulative and just plain annoying. They make a lot of assumptions about you. “Always be closing” is their motto whenever they talk to anyone. They talk so fast sometimes, it is hard to get a word in.

Businesses and sales reps are looking for that magic bullet. That quick fix strategy. And also that fast talking, quick witted gun of a sales rep. Not to mention, that know it all person who has a memory of the Rainman to blast the customers with all their product knowledge in under 10 secs.

If anything, I think this trend is actually getting worst. I often ask a room full of people whether they like reps. Very often, no one raises their hands.

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