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Awake By Five AM would like to show appreciation to our clients for their kind words. Our goal is always empowering our clients to deliver differentiation value. Thank you.

Saying thank you to customers who offered testimonial to Awake By Five AM


The training was the right combination of theory and practice. In between, KJ also gave me practical techniques to apply. You can tell he is very experienced in this field so that he can train others in such a structured and easy to understand, sort of way. I walked away, feeling more equipped and confident—one of the best training I have ever had. I would recommend to anyone regardless of where you are in the sales journey. I guarantee you will learn something from KJ.

Email from Joanne (CEO of Ultrarem)
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Edapt Education

Hi KJ, 
The marketing campaign bore a lot of fruit and our pipeline is now flush with schools up to the ‘trialing stage.’ 
We’ve also secured investment from Monash University, support from a group within Melbourne University, and will be interviewed on the news on Friday. 
Could not have done this without the support and coaching you provided in the weeks prior. 
Looking forward to catching up in a month or so when we start chasing corporate clients and trying to set up partnerships with other ed-tech providers.

Email from Chris (CEO and Founder of Edapt Education)
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LUP Global contractor

I cannot recommend the ALIIGN training by KJ, founder of AwakeByFiveAm highly enough. It is made not only for actual sales people wanting to improve their skills but also covers life skills at the same time. It is nothing like previous sales trainings I had before, which were quite clunky and often not tailored to your own field. KJ really goes into the individual personality needs and into the areas you want to apply the skills to. It engages you and makes you think a lot together with practise which is one of the most important ways to learn. Much appreciation for what KJ has to offer. Thank you for your dedication and genuinely want to help the person you are teaching.

Marlies (Contractor of LUP global)
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LUP Global

Awake By Five AM has been instrumental in having us review our Sales technique as well as our overall Selling process. With extensive knowledge not just in how CRM’s work, but how to actively manage a Sales team making the inputs into CRM to maintain data integrity, KJ’s passion for sales is really unrivaled with anyone else we have ever dealt with.
Not only will KJ take the time to listen to your specific business requirements, to truly customise a solution based on your individual needs. But his love and genuine enthusiasm for wanting businesses to succeed are not only inspiring, but it has also made us a huge advocate of wanting to partner with Awake By Five AM. We hope that as many people and businesses as possible can be fortunate enough to procure the services of such an experienced Sales Coach who could help drive any business to greater success through their sales.

Noreen (Founder of LUP global)
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Time Chi

KJ is a natural born sales coach. Better yet – he’s incredibly generous with sharing his experience and understanding of human behavior to ensure everyone he coaches is equipped with real, hands-on tips to seal the deal. KJ’s enthusiasm for the art of sales is second to none, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for the extra edge with negotiation, establishing rapport and strategic business development.

Sean (Founder of Time Chi)
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“I just wanted to reach out to you to say thank you for the sales coaching that you’ve done.  I see that for the first time I’m not “afraid” of the sales piece and I’m starting to adapt to it. I think this will really be key for me making this business a success, so I’m going to keep striving at it. Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping put me on the right path and have a good weekend.

Daniel (Kanban Coach and Trainer of Evogility)
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“Prior to engaging KJ, I’ve always had a fear of selling and never thought I would be able to learn how to sell. KJ has proven me completely wrong. The selling techniques and concepts that KJ has imparted to me has been game changing and I know it will continue to serve me in business and life. What I really value from KJ in our coaching sessions is how he is able to tailor his coaching according to my experience and business need. Engaging KJ has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business and my professional development.”

John, Founding Principal
Professional Services Firm (Financial Services Industry)

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