Sales Coaching

A man listening to another man in the office as part of sales coaching

For entrepreneur

You have completed your ALIIGN sales training. However, you would like to ensure support is available to reinforce the technique into your sales call. This is because learning a new skill needs a lot of practice. Receiving sales coaching helps you tweak your sales technique in order to improve much faster.

You are now using the ALIIGN sales technique for a couple of months by now. Then you faced unique circumstances in a couple of your sales calls during this period. You would like to discuss how to solve them within the scope of the ALIIGN sales technique.

For small to medium-size business owners

Your sales team performance on the road is very important to you. You do not want your initial investment goes to waste. However, you are not sure whether they are using the ALIIGN sales technique on the road. You need someone to help you assess because you have no time.

Sales Coaching options available

These options are only available to people who have completed the ALIIGN sales training prior. We advise practicing the new sales technique for a couple of months prior to receiving sales coaching from us.

A. On-site or off-site sales coaching

This is an opportunity for the sales representative to ask additional questions on the ALIIGN sales technique during the sales coaching session.

An alternative is to conduct further role plays to improve upon the ALIIGN technique.

B. Customer site visits sales coaching

The consultant will co-visit with the sales representative at the customer’s site as a silent guest. We will assess how well the sales team uses the ALIIGN technique.

A discussion about the sales team progress takes place after the sales call. In addition, a report is generated for the manager. All information regarding the customer and discussion content will remain confidential.

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