Are you having difficulties in your sales call?

Difficulties in your sales call causes frustration

There are many reasons why you may have difficulties in your sales call.

Believe it or not, it is mostly due to the noises in our heads. 

If we are more confident with the right selling principles, we will have a clearer perspective on how to have a sales conversation with our customers. 

We need to commit to improving the quality of our sales call. Our customers will appreciate it if we stop torturing them.

This blog highlights some of the major causes of less than optimal sales calls.

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2 Replies to “Are you having difficulties in your sales call?”

  1. Hi KJ, this is a really great article with very useful tips. I like the one about being comfortable with silence best. In many sales call, you have to give the customer time to think and ask you questions. This is uncomfortable for many people. I certainly needed the reminder. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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