KJ, a passionate sales coach

Image of KJ Wong as a sales coach

Hi! I am KJ, a passionate sales coach.

My goal is to help my clients to better engage with their customers. I empower my clients to deliver differentiating values.

My values are integrity, empowerment, and inspiration.

I am humbled by the experience that I received over the years.

How it all began

Neuroscience lab before sales

I helped my lab supervisor to establish a biotechnology company during my third year uni.

Initially, we had no idea what we were doing. Through trials and errors, we stumbled our way and built a successful company.

I realised that success does not always follow the conventional path.

One day, a book called “Rich dad, Poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, convinced me that sales skill is a life skill.

The truth behind the art of selling

I packed my bags, took a massive risk and moved to Sydney to pursue a career to become an Account Manager.

Selling as a job was a completely different beast. I was still a shy person deep down inside.

I am grateful to receive several formal sales training and sales management programs over the years.

Over time, I overcame this fear. It took close to a year to realise the truth behind the art of selling.

All the hardwork and pain started to pay off. The sales record of exceeding the sales budget for 13 consecutive quarters is a respectable result in any company.

The hard lessons of being a Sales Manager

I was promoted as one of the youngest Sales Manager in the company within three years.

It was not an easy road. There was a significant organisational change. I learned the principles of leading a group of young sales team and application specialists.

I needed to learn a whole new set of skills that balance leadership and management.

Furthermore, a functional CRM with workable SOPs, better time management skills and streamline reporting systems made a tremendous difference.

Our team were successful and produced some of the most consistent sales results every year.

Experience and confidence do matter

After moving to Melbourne due to family reasons, I was recruited as a Sales Manager by another company.

The challenge was enormous. I was tasked to bring life back to one of the departments.

I developed a completely new sales process, induction process, on-boarding and reporting system. The sales team needed a significant sales and product training.

In addition, I designed and implemented a new CRM process. Anyone who had to migrate and repair a database would know the size of this challenge.

As a part of the sales team, we turned the business around. With this solid foundation, we achieved double-digit growth every year from the first year. To manage cost, we halved the sales team headcount.

By the end of the fifth year, sales almost double compared to when I first started. It was a humbling experience.

Proof and reproof the sales process

Once again, I decided to change direction.

I wanted to focus on a new challenge with a completely different product line and customers.

While managing the forensic department, I coached a budding sales manager in the previous department that I worked in.

I replicated the sales process into the forensic department.

We tripled sales in the second year and then continued this significant growth for the following two years. We exceeded the budget significantly every year.

What I valued the most during this journey was to be in touch with the customers directly again. This was not always the case as a sales manager.

I invested the time putting together the correct infrastructure at the start to yield consistent and positive sales results for the long term.

My goal is always about building a long lasting relationship with my clients.

A new journey is being carved out

Journey to sales training business

Now, I am entering a new chapter of my professional life.

I started my own sales training company, AWAKE BY FIVE AM.

My goals are to dispute the misconceptions of selling and promote the right method to assist my clients to build rapport with their own customers.

So far, the journey has been very rewarding. I am passionate about learning about people from different industries. There are many ways to sell.

I am happy to share my sales knowledge to help my clients to build their empires.

Feel free to contact me by clicking here.