We can’t assume that all extroverts can sell

An extrovert sell by shouting at the customer

Error in judgement that all extroverts can sell

It is a fallacy that all extroverts can sell. Many selling organizations also hire with this assumption. I know this because I was once a sales manager who is guilty of thinking the same. But it is not correct.

OK. Before every extrovert decides to hammer me on this, just hear me out. Stop budding in for a moment. Be patient and spare some time to listen to the points I am trying to make.

Many extroverts can sell. But it is an assumption that we have made in our society that every extrovert is best at selling. We assume that if you have the gift of the gab, you are guaranteed success in a sales role. As we all know, nothing is ever a guarantee. In fact, the strength of an extrovert can also be a weakness in sales.

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