How serious are we in helping our customers?

A person giving a helping hand to come up the hill representing helping our customers

“Helping the customers” is a phrase I hear every time I ask entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales reps, why they do what they do. To me, anyone who engages someone to promote themselves, products, or services is already technically selling. These are all salespeople no matter what title they give themselves. And you know what? There is nothing wrong with that.

As a customer and a sales coach, it is wonderful and comforting to know that every salesperson that we encounter has this intent, isn’t it?

It is not easy to get customer to accept our help

So why is it so hard to make our customers accept our help in exchange for money? As I mentioned earlier in my previous post, many of these same salespeople, are fearful of the word “selling” when they are engaging with their prospects. They do their very best to inform the prospects that they are not selling while they are selling. I find this very strange.

The reality is salespeople fail to help their customers even though the customers actually do need their help. So what do you think has gone wrong despite their initial intent is “helping the customer”?

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