Sales Process Consultation

A consultant is analysing an area in the sales process to a business owner

For Entrepreneurs

You know that it is time to scale up that involves building up a sales team. Recruitment is on the plan. You are not sure how to build a successful team and the tools that you need to facilitate this. Therefore, you need a consultant to build a solid infrastructure that is easy to manage and effective. You want to spend more time leading the sales team and able to manage the results successfully.

For small to medium size business owners

You either do not have a sales process or the current one is not working. The sales process is broken, too confusing and the sales team is just not using it for many unknown reasons.

You feel that despite effort was made to implement the sales process, it is not enforced. As a result, this creates confusion and friction among the team and towards other departments. No one seems to take accountability to ensure the process is enforced.

These are the options available

CRM (database) management

We assess and provide assistance in creating an efficient CRM that is easy to use, measure the right performance indicators, useable by other departments such as marketing, and reportable.

Technologies (Cloud and IT)

Technologies to support the sales team is critical to remove barriers and help them be the best at what they do. We access your current technologies that the team uses and make any recommendations necessary. We can create SOPs in order to achieve consistency.


Reporting takes time and effort. However, there are techniques and systems that will help reduce this pressure. Every company is different when it comes to this. We can assist businesses by focusing on measurement that matters and the creation of the reporting template by taking advantage of the available technologies.

Induction plan, Onboarding plan and On-going plan

These plans are critical in every business to ensure a new sales recruit finds his independence in order to do their job well. We can help create plans that are effective and increase retention rate.

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