Rejection is painful. How to deal with the emotion?

The fear of rejection is getting a lot of Nos

Rejection is the greatest fear of selling. But does it deserves the attention in our minds long enough to upset us?

The fear of rejection is enough to stop people from even wanting to do this job.

The negative perception of selling is very well justified. Aggressive sales reps push their products and services too often. Also, there is a notion of sales reps being manipulative just to make a buck. 

It is a big problem if this is the image we paint in our minds. We do not last long in this job if we think that our ethic is going to be challenged constantly. The moment things get a bit harder, we justify that we are not going to even try to do better.

We are wary of the constant rejection when we engage with our prospects. The question is how do we keep going?

The emotional impact if left unchecked, often lead to a budding sales recruit to feel crap and then eventually quit. It is not a role for them is often their conclusion.

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2 Replies to “Rejection is painful. How to deal with the emotion?”

  1. A great article indeed that if taken seriously and practised makes a human being devoid of the ego factor in any aspects of life.
    I really got motivated as many of us are losers in the emotional war of today.

    1. Hi Rajendran,
      I think we are all learning to cope as best as we can in anything we do in life. It is important to understand our emotion so that we can overcome any negative thoughts. Not so say that emotion is bad. It is part of life. I always believe that if we are mindful why we feel the way we feel, we are much better for it.

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