The reasons why everyone hates sales reps.

A sales rep pointing a banana representing why everyone hates sales reps.

OK. I might be a bit dramatic on this statement that everyone hates sales reps. However, it does carry some weight. Be patient, and please hear me out. Do not point the banana at me.

In all the sales training and public presentation that I have done, I always open with the question “Does anyone here love sales reps?” Do you know how many hands go up? Nah dah! But when I ask. “Who hates sales reps?” Almost in unison, everyone’s hands are up. One or two will keep their hands down because they are sales reps and feel embarrassed to be among the crowd. It is comical, to say the least.

So what is going on? Why is there such a negative perception of sales reps? Apart from those with the sales reps title, everyone else thinks that it is the toughest job to have to sell. They feel that it is definitely not for them.

I can’t really blame “sales reps haters”. I actually empathize with them. Especially with new entrepreneurs who initially hated sales reps but later realize that they have to sell their products and services.

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