Top 10 Myths about Selling

The Myths

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For more than 15 years of sales coaching and business developing, I have come across a lot of myths about the principles of selling. Recently, I met people from a wide variety of industries. It is alarming how negative the general public perceives what selling is. Some mention how much they hate sales reps push their products aggressively. It is extremely distasteful when sales reps mindlessly pitch their offering, making it difficult for the customer to even get a word in. Many people assumed that all sales reps are arrogant and manipulative. Others would use the word “sell” or “sales” in a negative tone while rolling their eyes. They would dissociate themselves from the term “sell” when they are offering their own products, but yet they are technically still selling to their clients.

In this article, I will highlight the top 10 myths that the general public and many sales reps have when it comes to the principles of selling and why they do not make sense.

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6 Replies to “Top 10 Myths about Selling”

  1. So true KJ, I particularly like #2:

    People have the ‘wolf of wall street’ stereotype of sales people, loud, extroverted & pushy. Although I’m sure those types do exist (as in any profession), I’ve found it’s simply not the case for myself, colleagues & reps from other companies/industries.

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