A bad Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is cancer to a company

It is just a dream

Currently, there is an epidemic choking companies around the world. Believe it or not, it is their bad Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). A bad CRM is dysfunctional, causes much conflicts between departments and a cancer to a company.

The Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is a USD30 billion global industry. Salesforce.com and many other smaller players (ie. Zoho and SAP) are vouching for your business. They provide a never-ending suite of add-ons, that promises an everlasting increase in sales effectiveness. In addition, they lead us to believe in self-regulating over-enthusiastic sales team would religiously feed data correctly and efficiently on a daily basis. Let me catch my breath! The marketing team swears that a perfect CRM would means millions of customers just can’t wait to throw money at the company because they are so excited to receive the next automated spam. Unfortunately, these are just idealistic dreams. Or is it?

For any sales manager who has ever implemented, managed or inherited a CRM system will quickly realise the reality is far from the vision of what it was intended to do. So why is that?

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