Ask Questions vs make Statements in sales calls

Asking more questions is better than making more statements

Do you ask more questions or make more statements in your sales call? Which one helps your customer share their needs and issues more do you think?

Whenever you are engaging with a customer for the first time, what do you do during the early part of the sales call? Especially when it is face to face.

Everyone has different selling styles. So much so that there are books to segment the different types. I am not sure the value of doing that. 

At the end of the day, there is an over-riding selling principle. If you do not know your customer’s needs or issues at the end of a sales call, you will fail more than you can imagine.

Hollywood would never show this side of sales because it is boring for the viewers. It is more entertaining to watch a gun sales rep closed an unwary customer which would result in a massive purchase right there and then. It is more heroic to watch and also, who would sit there and watch a movie with sales to close in 4 years? There is no entertainment value for me here either, to be honest.

We are human. It is normal to prefer to talk than to listen. However, it is not all bad. Voice can come out of your mouth during a sales call. More importantly, is it a question or a statement?

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