How to build a successful sales team? (Part 3- Operation)

Sales operation is important in sales management

Sales management and operation

A big part of sales management strategies is the management of the business’s sales operation. Sales operation is critical when building a successful team.

Sales operation is a set of business processes and activities to support the sales team and everyone in the business. It is mostly the administrative side that the sales manager needs to look after.

Some way view this as the boring side of sales management. However, without establishing this foundation, it is very difficult to build a successful sales team.

I would like to remind everyone that I am sharing my sales management experience that has enabled me to build successful sales teams. I appreciate that every sales manager do this differently.

The list of sales operation discussed

  1. Document the sales operation clearly
  2. Recruit by looking at the now and future
  3. Train to establish independence
    3.1. Induction
    3.2. Onboarding
    3.3. Product training
    3.4. Sales training
  4. Establish an effective sales process
  5. Customer Relationship Management system
  6. Targeted marketing using the CRM
  7. White papers and application notes to build credentials
  8. Return on investment in conference and trade displays
  9. Reporting on what matters
  10. Territory plan designs need to be revamped completely
  11. Forecasting using the CRM
  12. Use incentive to drive behavior
  13. Cloud technology means portability
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