How to build a successful sales team? (Part 1- The Why)

A sales manager needs to be willing to serve

A sales rep climbing the corporate ladder to become a sales manager in order to build a successful sales team

To build a successful sales team, a sales manager needs to accept that the role is about servanthood that rewards and punishes you at the same time.

Sales management is not glamorous. It tests the limit of your imagination, patience, and sanity.

There is no intent to put you off doing this role. I enjoy this role because it is very rewarding. My sales management experience has been a huge learning curve and the lessons I learned was worth it.

I openly share these hard lessons of my own journey to become a successful sales manager. My honesty can be confronting. You are here to learn. It is pointless to “cotton wool” these experiences.

In the next few weeks, I will share a series of articles that discusses the areas a sales manager need to consider in order to build a successful sales team.

In Part 1, we focus on the reason, pain, joy, and reality a sales manager faces in order to build a successful sales team.

Let’s begin this journey by asking the most important question:

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