Stop torturing your customers in your sales calls

why are you torturing your customers in your sales calls? Dog is confused

Seriously, stop torturing your customers in your sales calls. Unfortunately, too many sales reps do not even know that they are actually doing this right now.

If you are confused like the dog in the picture, then it is good that I got your attention.

The tortures range from cold calling with a script that sounds like a robot to face to face meetings where the sales reps just love the sound of their voices.

By the way, please do not mix the words “aggressive and selling” in the same sentence. Being aggressive is not selling. It is just being aggressive and your customers hate it. It is relentless.

All customers feel like they are just a number. And you wonder why customers treat sales reps as a number. It is self-inflicted.

Is it going to improve? At this point, most of the people I spoke to in my workshops and meetings said the same thing. “I hate receiving a cold call from sales reps”. So the current situation looks rather bad.

However, I am also optimistic because I know there are more good sales reps out there who do the right things and are willing to educate others in order to change this trend.

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